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Personal Trainers in San Francisco


Tim Richards

Phone: 415-608-3723
Email: tim@peaceofmindsf.net
Website: www.peaceofmindsf.net

Tim Richards is a Certified Progressive Fighting Systems Jeet Kune Do Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. He helps people achieve balance and wellness through martial arts, weight training, climbing, yoga, cycling and a variety of other sports and activities. Tim has been training in various martial arts for over twenty years. He utilizes techniques and training modalities from multiple disciplines to develop his client’s abilities and enhance their performance. He is proficient in teaching realistic self defense and helping people reach their full potential. Tim will help you incorporate fun and fitness into your daily routine, preserving your body’s range of motion, reducing your risk of injury, and allowing you the freedom to do what you love.
Tim specializes in the following:

  • Strength and Endurance Conditioning
  • Rebalancing and Rehabilitation
  • Self Defense
  • Cross Training for sports specific needs

Tim’s certifications from:

  • Athletic Certification Training Commission
  • Progressive Fighting Systems
  • Safety Training Seminars (CPR)


Phone: 415-254-8162
Email:  sergio@sfbodymatrix.com
Website:  www.facebook.com/sfbodymatrix

Sergio has been a leading expert in San Francisco’s health and fitness industry for the past 9 years.  As owner of Body Matrix, S.F's Premier Performance Training and Co-Founder of REACTT, the only real Boot Camp in S.F., he is currently recognized for his exemplary customer service, outstanding client retention, and consistently on the forefront of using the most effective training modalities to date.

Nationally Certified:


  • Kettlebell lifting, CrossFit classes, Boot Camps and Combat Sports Conditioning with an emphasis on Corrective exercise & Performance enhancement.

Competition History:

  • 1st Place - 2010 Muscle Beach Deadlift Competition
  • Top 10th - 2010 International Tactical Strength Challenge


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