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Fitness Classes at PG Sunnyvale

Planet Granite Sunnyvale has a variety of fitness classes from CrossFit to Cycling to Abs n Core to suit your needs! All classes* are included in your PG Membership!

Abs & Core
This is a workout focusing on the core muscle groups of the body, utilizing medicine balls, pilates balls and resistance exercises. Class is 45 minutes.

In just one hour, work up a sweat in this great cardiovascular workout! Pedal your way through hills, springs and other challenging drills. This class is open to all levels, as you dictate the intensity of your workout in a fun group environment! Bring a towel and water!

Total Body Fitness
This class focuses on toning and strengthening your muscles using plyometrics and various equipment (kettlebells, balls, dumbbells, and more!). A class designed to teach you proper form and execution of different exercises while putting emphasis on tone, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Ideal for cross training, muscle strength and heart-pumping fun! All levels welcome; modifications to exercises are always offered.

What is F10 Fitness?
F10 fitness is a program created for the climber as well as the fitness enthusiast.  It is programmed as a supplement to your current training routine whether it be climbing, running, backpacking, or whatever your choice activity.  F10 focuses on strength training, core strength and control, power, speed, agility, endurance, mobility/flexibility, joint stability and functional movement with the use of periodized weightlifting, body weight movements, running, rowing and odd object resistance training.  F10 fitness classes are programmed and led by a qualified instructor with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) lasting 10-25 minutes as well as strength and mobility work at the beginning of each class.

F10 Class Descriptions:

F10 Conditioning:  This class focuses on foundational strength, body weight movements and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Conditioning movements to include rowing, running, barbell lifts, kettlebell exercises, dumbbell power movements, plyometric boxes and targeted core strengthening.  Classes will be structured with a warm up, mobility exercises, targeted strength or skill movement and HIIT (12-25 minutes).
Scheduled Classes:  Daily

F10 Strength:  This class will focus specifically on strength training.  Targeted movements will be squats, deadlifts, presses and Olympic movements.  This class will be for those who are wanting to focus on strength and power as well as improving mobility and technique.  F10 Strength will be specifically programmed using periodization working muscular strength and endurance.  Other movements/modalities will also include farmers carry, sled pulls/pushes, kettlebells and plyometric boxes.  Class structure will be 10 minute warm up, 10 minute mobility, 25-45 minutes of strength/technique, and specific odd object strength work.
Scheduled Classes:  Mon 8 pm, Wed 8 pm, Sat 10 am

F10 20/20/20: This class is focused specifically for the climber as well as the fitness enthusiast who would like to gain more mobility and body weight strength and control. The class is broken down into 20 minutes of mobility, flexibility, and balance training. The next 20 minutes is body weight strengthening, targeted to gymnastics type movements such as ring exercises, handstand progressions, palette movements, and midline accessory strength and stability. The last 20 minutes will focus on aerobic training using running, rowing, box jumps, and various other movements to train the cardiovascular system. If you are looking for a class that will help to improve your climbing and overall fitness, this is it! No fitness background required. Anyone is welcome to attend.

F10 Basics:  This class if for anyone who would like to give F10 a try without needing to take the prerequisite F10 fundamentals course.  It will consist of mostly body weight movements with some weight training.  Any body weight or weightlifting movements will be scaled to the basic movement for those unfamiliar with specific exercises while still making it a challenging workout no matter the experience of the participant. The class will consist of more detailed instruction and breakdown of each movement.
Scheduled Classes:  Sunday 9 am





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