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Planet Granite Belmont Fitness Instructors



Wednesday 7:30 - Cardio Core & More

Dina is a certified kickboxing instructor and has been teaching cardio kickboxing since 2000. She has taught in North Carolina, New York, and in the Bay Area since 2005. Kickboxing is an incredible whole body aerobic workout, that helps build strength, stability, and flexibility. Dina is full of energy and is eager to share her passion for kickboxing! She combines fun and dynamic music with a great conditioning and cardio intense workout that incorporates proper technique and exercises that build and sculpt core, upper and lower body muscles. As an avid climber, she knows firsthand that kickboxing is a perfect complement to yoga and climbing!

Lauren - fitness instructor and personal trainer at Planet Granite Belmont


Tuesday 6:15pm - Total Body Fitness
Thursday 6:15pm - Total Body Fitness

Lauren is a certified personal trainer that loves everything fitness. She enjoys training clients in small group sessions to really challenge each other. Her passion is training for open water swims, trail races, and triathlons. She likes to encourage people to take their fitness to another level to become a fitter you! With a stronger, healthier body one can better enjoy the fullness of life! Train with her and you’ll get a fun, energetic workout partner who will push you to be your best!

Donesa - Pilates instructor at Planet Granite Belmont


Sundays 8:15am - Mat Pilates
Wednesday 12noon - Mat Pilates

Donesa was introduced to Pilates in 2008 when she lived the Philippines. Shortly after moving to California, she came to Purely Pilates as a client. She liked the strengthening and rejuvenating aspects of Pilates. As an avid rock climber, Donesa found that Pilates helped her to build a strong core, tone her upper body, and improve her posture and body awareness. She is inspired by the movement and the challenge of Pilates. She loved her lessons and the physical benefits she gained, and wanted to share her experience with others. She dove headfirst into the teaching program and moved forward quickly. She started teaching in May, 2012. Donesa recognizes that people are unique and require an individualized approach to achieve their fitness goals. She is dedicated to helping each client gain strength, flexibility, and balance. Donesa also enjoys skiing, scuba diving, swimming, dancing, hiking, and climbing.



Monday Wednesday and Friday 9a - Circuit Training
Monday 12noon
 - Abs & Core 
Tuesday 7:30pm
 - Abs & Core
Saturday 9:45am
 - Abs & Core

Harriete leads the Circuit Training and ABS and Core with experience, energy, enthusiasm and imaginative style. A metal artist and mother of two, she strives to make fitness entertaining, inspiring, and upbeat. She attentively supports those just getting started and challenges those seeking to step up a notch. Whatever your level of preparedness, be ready to have fun and work up a sweat in her class! Check out her web site at: http://www.harriete-estel-berman.info/home.html



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