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Fitness Classes at PG Belmont

Planet Granite Belmont has a variety of fitness classes from TRX to Abs n Core to suit your needs! All classes* are included in your PG Membership!

Abs & Core
This is a workout focusing on the core muscle groups of the body, utilizing medicine balls, pilates balls and resistance exercises. Class is 1 hour.

Cardio Core & More
This class combines strength training, plyometrics, cardio intervals and core stability work for a full body workout. A variety
of exercises including functional training, body weight exercises, tabata training, weight equipment and mats are used.

Circuit Training
This is an intense 75 minute cardio & weight training program that utilizes our fitness equipment.

Mat Pilates
Think “long lean body”. This class focuses on strength and flexibility of the major muscle groups and is based on the traditional studies of Joseph Pilates. If you’re not sure if yoga or Pilates is for you, try mat Pilates. The exercises combine core activities and breathing/relaxation. Instructor may use additional equipment such as stability balls or resistance bands to enhance movements. All levels welcome.

Total Body Fitness
This class focuses on toning and strengthening your muscles using plyometrics and various equipment (kettlebells, balls, dumbbells, and more!). A class designed to teach you proper form and execution of different exercises while putting emphasis on tone, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Ideal for cross training, muscle strength and heart-pumping fun! All levels welcome; modifications to exercises are always offered

TRX works the body as one unit which means every muscle group is used to complete one movement as compared to traditional weight training that only works on muscle group at a time.  Due to the body always trying to find a the path of least resistance you can never physically plateau with TRX. TRX equipment is available to borrow anytime you are visiting our gym! If you are interested in private TRX lessons, plesae contact Lauren: totalbodyhealth@hotmail.com.


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