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The Ten Elements to fitness are:
1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance 2. Stamina3. Strength 4. Flexibility 5. Power 6. Speed
7. Coordination 8. Agility 9. Balance 10. Accuracy

F10 Fitness not only adapts and develops exercises to improve participants’ overall fitness, but physically and mentally challenges participants above and beyond their initial capabilities.
This is an all inclusive fitness program designed for individuals to challenge themselves and push each other. It enhances physical strength, reduces weaknesses, builds community through team cohesion and also supports and encourages new participants with limited experience and confidence. F10 Fitness classes include skills in gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and cardio or metabolic conditioning sports. The workouts are conducted in varied methods and times to keep the participant enhancing their general physical preparedness (GPP) and overall fitness.

Instructors skills and qualifications
All functional fitness instructors are at a minimum CrossFit Level 1 certified and have climbing and outdoor backgrounds. They are highly motivational and are skilled in scaling all workouts for each individual that need more attention in difficult movements during the workouts. Check out their bios on the Planet Granite website.

For climbers
These classes are designed for increased overall fitness, enhancing the physical and mental strengths that are necessary to support climbing training.   Climbers can expect to strengthen and build on endurance and explosive power, which will translate to movement on the wall. 

The Fundamentals program is required for all participants prior to participating in an F10 class. The Fundamentals program is an 8 hour long, small group workshop usually divided into 2 days.  It is designed for participants to learn all the requirements to participate in the classes effectively and with proper technique.  This includes:

  • The nine principle movements to functionality:
    • Squat 2. Front squat 3. Overhead Squat 4. Press 5. Push Press 6. Push Jerk 7. Deadlift 8. Sumo Deadlift to High Pull 9. Clean
  • Basic movements to Gymnastics:
    • Hollow hold, Hollow rock, Candlestick, Sit ups, Back extensions
    • Hanging hold, Tick-tock, kip, pull up, Push ups, dips
  • Introduction and cues to powerlifting and weightlifting:
    • Deadlift, Clean and Jerk, Snatch
  • Correct use of equipment for gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning including:
    • Plyometric boxes, kettlebells, barbells with bumper plates, Hex dumbbells, Olympic rings, parallettes, Medicine balls, Jump ropes, Concept 2 rowers, Glute/Hamstring Developers to name a few.
  • Introduction to mobility with:
    • Static and dynamic stretching with Plastic PVC pipes, rubber powerbands
    • Self MyoFascia Release techniques with lacrosse balls, Foam rollers and partner pressure release techniques.

Cost: $200, must be a PG member or purchase a daily visit pass.  For dates for F10 Fundamentals, please contact Andres at andres@inthecave.com.

A participant in F10 Fundamentals must be a Planet Granite member or pay a day use pass to participate in F10 Fitness.

Class Schedule:

  Monday Wednesday Friday
6:30 am F10 Fitness with Sarah F10 Fitness with Jamie F10 Fitness with Sarah
7:30 am F10 Fitness with Sarah F10 Fitness with Jamie  
9:00 pm F10 Fitness with Andres F10 Fitness with Andres  



Andrés De la Rosa
Andrés De la Rosa started his coaching career in 1995 coaching gymnastics for the City of Davis Parks and Rec while being a member of the UC Davis Men’s gymnastics team. In 2005 Andrés was invited by Roger Harrell, the original gymnastics Subject Matter Expert for CrossFit Inc., to help teach CrossFit trainers how to coach basic gymnastics skills to athletes, clients and other coaches. In addition to coaching, Andrés has competed in the very first two CrossFit Games in Aromas in 2007 and 2008 and more recently, the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.

In 2006 Andrés co-founded CrossFit Marin, the first Marin County CrossFit Affiliate, with Roger Harrell. This gym, now known as “The Cave”, has the most comprehensive schedule of adult and kids gymnastics, parkour and CrossFit classes in Southern Marin. With his team of parkour coaches, Andrés have designed and hosted parkour and “Ninja Warrior” style obstacle course competitions and national parkour jams that have made the gym widely known in the parkour community.

Andrés is realistic and honest about how CrossFit relates to climbing and is happy to help climbers attain their goals at whatever level they find themselves.

Contact Andrés:(415) 200-7874 or andres@inthecave.com

Jamie Stanic
Jamie started his career in fitness as a personal trainer to support his education in nursing. He reached state level fitness competitions and coached bodybuilders to the Australasian IFBB titles. After his employment in the Australian Army, Jamie became a Special Forces Army Commando. As a combat fitness leader, he applied CrossFit as a tool to combat fitness and rehabilitation amongst the members of his commando unit. Years of rock climbing, cycling, playing Australian rules football, personal training and combat fitness helped Jamie in getting certified as a CrossFit coach in 2008.

Jamie has continued to educate himself in CrossFit and other fitness fields and has coached in many boxes across Australia. He has been involved in supporting the Australasian Regionals and has competed in numerous open day competitions.

Jamie now dedicates his time to his two boys while continuing to coach athletes of all levels.

Sarah Powers

Sarah began CrossFit in 2010 when she stumbled upon CrossFit East Bay at her local rock climbing gym. She has been crossfitting ever since as a way to compliment her running, climbing and competitive cycling. Sarah became a certified CrossFit trainer because she wants to help people discover the ways CrossFit can compliment many aspects of their lives.

Whether she is working with a competitive athlete or someone simply looking to stay fit and healthy, she uses patience, encouragement, and goal-setting to adapt to their needs. Her goal is to help you make mind-body connections as you gain strength, power, mobility, endurance, balance, and confidence.

In addition to her work at the gym, she is a full-time lecturer in the University Writing Program at UC Davis.





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