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CLIMB N DINE - the perfect Friday night for everyone!

Kids scrambling up our walls

On a few Friday nights of the month, Planet Granite hosts its best kept secret: Climb N Dine. Drop off your kids for a fun-filled evening of climbing that ends with a kid-friendly dinner so they are ready for bed when you pick them up! All you have to do is figure out what to do with your free Friday night! Planet Granite also offers Friday night yoga* so you can be relaxed and rejuvenated in the time it takes us to wear them out!

Climb N Dine
2nd and 4th Friday nights, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Ages 6-13 years.
$40/child includes climbing, harness rental, helmet and a kid's style dinner.
Reservations required, under attended classes will be cancelled - parties will be notified of a cancelled Climb N Dine by 5pm Thursday.

Very Important
Please be sure that all minors have a completely filled-out waiver signed by their parents accompanied with a photocopy of the signing parent’s driver’s license (for signature verification).

*Schedules vary at each location, please check with your local Planet Granite yoga schedule

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