Group Events

Female Leading at Planet Granite Sunnyvale


Have a group of friends who want to climb?

Group Belay Lesson
For people over 14 years old, Planet Granite will teach you and your group how to manage the ropes. After, not only will each of you have the skills to belay each other, but you can stay for the rest of the day! Please call ahead to reserve your space. Three weeks advanced notice recommended, time slots are limited to pre-scheduled lessons.
$28 per person; includes shoe and harness rental and a complimentary pass for the day.

Private Lesson
Interested in scheduling your own private lesson at a time that works for your group? Give your local Planet Granite a call to schedule.
$70 for 1 person per hour
$110 for 2 people per hour
We also host Corporate Team Events!

Adult Parties - we manage the ropes
Envious of your child's birthday party? Come on in with your friends to Planet Granite to do some climbing! Please call ahead to reserve your group event. Time slots are limited, three weeks advance notice is recommended.

Bay Area: $27/person
Portland: $25/person
1 instructor required for every 6 people, $80/instructor for 2 hours.

Includes harness and shoe rentals and complimentary helmet for two hours.

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