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Nov 092015
Crux of the Week - Purple V4 @PG Portland

  CRUX OF THE WEEK – Purple V4 @PG Portland This week Retail Coordinator Kyle Hernandez shows us how the Purple V4 on the Top Out is done. This problem features an awesome Figure-4 move sure to delight any ice climbers out there! LOCATION: Top-Out Boulder CLIMBER:  Kyle SETTER: Head Coach Brian Adams

Pushing Past a Plateau: 8 Ways to Break Through! By Erin Monahan

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May 062015
Pushing Past a Plateau: 8 Ways to Break Through! By Erin Monahan

Each climber’s journey is unique in its unfolding with the exception of one thing: plateaus. As beginner climbers we are absorbed, excited, enamored and enthralled with our new sport. We get stoked to see progression in such a short amount of time; however, climbing has a steep learning curve. At the end of last summer Read more…

PG Portland Opening Weekend Grades

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Nov 062014
PG Portland Opening Weekend Grades

This weekend marked the Grand Opening of Planet Granite’s newest gym in Portland, Oregon. It was an amazing weekend that saw thousands of people from the greater Pacific Northwest converge onto our newest world-class facility. The resounding response was A+ for the facility, staff, route movement and quality. We did, however, definitely receive one less than stellar grade… Read more…

Team of 2 Training Camp is coming to PG!

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Jun 272013
Team of 2 Training Camp is coming to PG!

Planet Granite is thrilled to announce we are hosting a Team of 2 Training Camp!  This is an amazing opportunity to work with some of the best trainers in the climbing and fitness industry to help you hone your skills!  Space is limited, so sign up early!  All inquiries and requests to sign-up should go Read more…

Mar 282013
Friction Series SF - a photostory by Jassa Campbell and Brian Hedrick

Friction Series SF was two weeks ago and while we’re still reeling from the excitement, we are looking forward to Sunnyvale’s finale!  Since launching the Friction Series back in 2009 and creating the first Bay Area Onsight Final in 2010 – this comp has grown to be a ton of fun and excitement!  Local strong Read more…

Jan 302013
Fear, Loathing and Redemption in Las Vegas

  Climbing is a process. It starts with getting into your car in the morning (for most of us it actually starts with the french press), driving to the crag, warming up, projecting, remembering to drink plenty of water, packing up, driving out, and finally sitting down for your victory beer (or sadness cake, depending Read more…