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Oct 052015
Workout of the Week - Power Endurance Laps @PGBL

  Power Endurance Laps at Planet Granite Belmont In this week’s Workout of the Week, PGBL Assistant Manager Simon Hill gets us the lowdown on how to run Power or Endurance Laps! TIME: 30 minutes DIFFICULTY: All levels EQUIPMENT: Climbing Shoes and Chalk, belay partner FOCUS: Power or Endurance IMPORTANT: Climbing and climbing training, such as the exercises in the Read more…

WOW – Spring Training 4×4’s with Abbey

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Mar 172014
WOW - Spring Training 4x4's with Abbey

  SPRING TRAINING 4×4’S with Abbey  This exercise focuses on the elusive combo of power-endurance.  TIME: 30-45 minutes DIFFICULTY:  All levels EQUIPMENT: Climbing shoes, chalk and a clock FOCUS: Strength, Power-Endurance   INTRO:  *We like this WOW because it’s fast, fun, and effective! *It can be done in a short amount of time, and if you work hard Read more…

WOW: Workin’ the Wall with Jamila

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Dec 232013
WOW: Workin' the Wall with Jamila

WORKIN’ THE WALL with Jamila A rotation of 3 exercises that focus on increasing finger strength and endurance.  TIME: 10-15 minutes DIFFICULTY: Beginner to Intermediate EQUIPMENT: Climbing shoes, chalk  GOAL: Train at maximum extension at the Systems Wall INTRODUCTION:  Climbing ‘big’ is super helpful for indoor and outdoor climbing! *The positions in this WOW put you at Read more…