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Jun 092014
WOW - Shoulder Prehab Rehab with Shannon

  SHOULDER PREHAB REHAB with Shannon This WOW features 4 exercises to improve shoulder stability and strengthen core.  DIFFICULTY:  All levels EQUIPMENT: TRX straps FOCUS: Injury prevention, Warm-up, Stability, Core     *Want each WOW delivered to your inbox? Click here to receive each new workout in your inbox!     IMPORTANT: Climbing and climbing training, such as the exercises in the Read more…

Apr 282014
WOW - Lower Core Medicine with Jonathan

  LOWER CORE MEDICINE with Jonathan This WOW targets stability and keeping core tension while climbing on steep terrain. TIME: 10 minutes DIFFICULTY:  All levels EQUIPMENT: Medicine ball and mat space FOCUS: Core, Stability   *EXERCISE 1 – MEDICINE BALL LEG CIRCLES – SMALL  Grip a medicine ball between your feet and use your hands to support your lower back. Read more…

Apr 212014
WOW - The Time Crunch Circuit with Emilio

  THE TIME CRUNCH CIRCUIT with Emilio This full-body workout is a rotation of 3 exercises, ideally completed within 1 hour. TIME: 1 hour DIFFICULTY:  All levels EQUIPMENT: Hangboard and mat space FOCUS: Strength, Core, Full-body   INTRO – This should be a super-fast rotation of these 3 exercises. You want to be sweating by the end of it and Read more…

Apr 072014
WOW - The Push Pull at the Bar with Himanshu

  THE PUSH PULL AT THE BAR with Himanshu  This full body workout strengthens your arms, back, hips and also improves your core stability.  TIME: 20 – 30 minutes DIFFICULTY:  All levels EQUIPMENT: Stability ball, a dumbbell, power band & TRX straps FOCUS: Strength, Stability, Core   *Want each WOW delivered to your inbox? Click here to receive Read more…

Mar 242014
WOW - Standing TRX with Lauren

  STANDING TRX with Lauren  This WOW is designed to strengthen your legs, hips, and core.  TIME: 15 – 20 minutes DIFFICULTY:  All levels EQUIPMENT: TRX suspension straps plus an anchor point FOCUS: Strength, Core, Stability   INTRO:  *Having strong leg and calf muscles is an important part of developing advanced climbing technique! And it often gets overshadowed by Read more…

Mar 102014
WOW - Farewell to Arms with Evan

*Want each WOW delivered to your inbox? Click here to receive an email every Monday with a brand new workout!   FAREWELL TO ARMS with Evan  Two exercises that target lock-off and upper body strength.  TIME: 15-20 minutes DIFFICULTY:  Intermediate with variations EQUIPMENT: Pull-up bar  FOCUS: Strength   INTRO:  *This WOW focuses on upper body and lock off strength. Read more…