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Nov 032014

asca 2014

For the months of October and November, Planet Granite has pledged to match up to $20,000 of funds raised for the American Safe Climbing Association – this means your $1 will become $2!

Plus, join us on Wednesday, November 19th at 7pm at PG San Francisco for a LIVE AUCTION FUNDRAISER with special presentations by well-known soloist and local climber, ALEX HONNOLD and CHRIS MCNAMARA of SuperTopo and founder of the ASCA.

The ASCA is responsible for much of the rebolting projects that have occurred in the West and have even contributed as far east as Thailand!

Largely a volunteer-run organization, the ASCA depends entirely on donations to purchase bolts. These bolts are the reason we can still climb at many of our favorite crags!

As more and more ‘early sport climbing’ areas move into wholesale replacement of all bolts, this year the ASCA sent out far more than ever before – over 5,000 bolts!

*Here’s a short version list of bolts sent out so far in 2014, by state:  

  • California – 1244
  • Colorado - 1100
  • Wyoming – 800
  • Nevada – 450
  • Oregon – 350
  • Kentucky - 250
  • Arizona – 214
  • Utah - 200
  • Tennessee – 200
  • Alaska – 150
  • Washington – 100
  • North Carolina – 50
  • West Virginia & Virginia – 50
  • Pennsylvania – 150 links/rings

*Learn more about this year’s projects HERE.

Have items to donate to the auction?



*Wondering why PG is able to donate $20,000 towards a company match? 

This is a part of our PG GIVES BACK program.

Planet Granite has committed to donating $1 for each member every month to one of three areas: climbing, community and the environment.

SO this is all made possible because of YOU, our amazing members, that we’re able to support these essential organizations.

Nov 032014
PG Staff + Yosemite Conservancy by Cody Blank

John Muir once mused, “If I were so time-poor as to have only one day to spend in Yosemite I should start at daybreak…for the top of Liberty Cap.” Bay Area climbers know better – he should have started earlier. Just ask PG member Luke! You see, climbers around the world are wont to quote Read more…

Nov 032014
Trip Report - Facelift 2014

*Trip report written by PG Managers Cris Valerio and Eliot Carlsen.* THE YOSEMITE FACELIFT 2014 For almost a decade now, climbers and Yosemite National Park staff have joined forces for one of the most unique public-service events held worldwide – The Yosemite Facelift.  For one week in September, the park provides programming, prime camping spots, Read more…

Oct 162014
Rapping Off Sketchy Bolts: Why PG Gives Loads Of Money To The ASCA

If you’ve been climbing long enough you’ve probably heard a story about rapping off a sketchy anchor or clipping a spinning bolt. The American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA) wants that to stop and has made it its mission to replace bolts worldwide. For a fourth straight year, Planet Granite has committed to matching up to $20,000 for Read more…

Aug 222014
Yosemite Climber Stewards by John Connor

  Planet Granite prides itself on the PG Gives Back Program. You might remember when you signed up for membership, you were asked to choose a category for us to donate to in your name: Climbing, Community, or Environment.  With support from the PG Gives Back Program and additional sponsors, the Yosemite Climber Stewards (along with the Climbing Trails Read more…

May 142014
Better Together - Santa Clara Firefighters Foundation visits PG Sunnyvale

This past week, the Santa Clara Firefighters made their annual trek to Planet Granite Sunnyvale for their Better Together program. For nearly 20 years, Planet Granite has hosted this amazing group who dedicate their time to better the lives of local 6th graders in Santa Clara. Established in 1989, Better Together works to connect firefighters Read more…