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Special Needs Students Send Routes @ PG Sunnyvale

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May 292015

Planet Granite is proud to be a beloved host to numerous climbing events for local organizations to share the experience of rock climbing with individuals new to the sport. It’s one of the many ways we like to give back to the community.


Randy Klein, Adapted Physical Education Specialist of the Santa Clara Co. Office of Education, went on a limb when he inquired about bringing his 18-22 year old special needs students to Planet Granite. His role is to locate various sports, recreation and leisure of opportunities for the students. Once he has located an activity that he would like to expose students to, he identifies those who want to participate, picks them up, and takes them out in the community to try that activity.


His students are enrolled in a program referred to as “post secondary”, which allows them to extend their years in an educational environment beyond their 18th birthday. The post secondary program emphasizes learning “life skills”, such as cooking, riding public transportation, job training, and of course sports, recreation and leisure.


The program’s intention is to equip students with as many tools as time allows, so that they can some day function in our community as independently as possible. A significant amount of their students’ free time can often be filled with computers, video games or the dreaded TV set. Klein’s intention is to show students how they can access so many exciting and varied activities in the community that they can pursue on their own and/or with their families once they graduate at the age of 22.


Planet Granite Sunnyvale is the perfect community resource for their needs. Klein came by on a quiet weekday morning with his students, and climbed for 1 1/2 hours through the generosity of our great facility.


“Believe me, it tests our students’ courage, trust, physical stamina, and their willingness to push themselves to the limit.” said Klein, “I cannot say enough about the wonderful folks that manage and coordinate the goings on at PG. They have been so accommodating and encouraging to our post secondary program for well over 7 years. We are grateful and indebted to Planet Granite for the opportunity to expose our students to the joys and challenges of climbing. They are contributing mightily to helping shape the lives of our young adults, who face the reality of living full, productive, satisfying and fun lives in our community. Thank you PG People!”

May 132015
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P:EAR Visits Planet Granite Portland

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Apr 242015
P:EAR Visits Planet Granite Portland

Project: Education, Art, Recreation. These are the tools that p:ear utilizes to help homeless youth exit homelessness everyday. p:ear, the Portland based non-profit, teamed up with Planet Granite Portland to provide a recreational activity: Climbing. As part of the PG Gives Back program, Planet Granite donated rentals, access and instruction to support p:ear’s use of the facility. Read more…

Mar 202015

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Planet Granite’s First Youth Writing Contest

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Oct 302014
Planet Granite's First Youth Writing Contest

As an Event Staffer, then as a climbing coach, and now as the Youth Programs Coordinator at PG Belmont I have met so many inspiring young climbers during our youth programs! These young climbers constantly remind me to live in the present, and they inspire me to climb better. Now, the most appropriate thank-you I Read more…