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Kettlebells and Foamrollers – Personal Trainer Clinics @PGPDX

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Sep 292015

As the leaves start to change, and the temperatures drop most climbers feel the crisp cool air and think one thing: Sending Temps. Ah, yes! Fall is here! In order to help you get in shape for your next project, or you big fall objective, two personal trainers at Planet Granite Portland are holding clinics in early October: Foam Rolling and Kettlebell.


Foam Rolling Clinics

Thursday, October 1st from 7:30-8:30pm in the Fitness Studio and Saturday, October 10th from 12:45-1:45pm in the Yoga Studio.

$20 Members / $25 Non-Members

Jutta Reichardt is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. With over 20 years of climbing experience, Jutta is also thinking about fall temperatures and outdoor objectives.

If flexibility is what you’re needing to reach your goal, Jutta’s Foam Roller Clinic is exactly what you need. Jutta will be showing you exactly how to unlock this important tool in restoring your muscles after hard workouts as well as how it can be used for strength conditioning. Foam rolling is vital to reducing muscle pain and soreness, increasing flexibility, strength, relieving stress, and preventing injury.

How to sign up:

Contact Jutta directly at 503-351-5532 or to sign up, space is limited!


Kettlebell Clinic

Ground Floor Fitness Area on Saturday October 24th and will run from 11:00am-1:00pm!

$30 Members / $35 Non-Members

Grip, core strength, shoulder stability and strength, flexibility, power, grace these are all necessary to a successful sending, at any level. Well, they are also elements of kettlebell practice, which is a great way for any climber to get some good cross training to progress and improve on every pitch, every day, every climb.

Here are the top 3 reasons why a kettlebell routine will change your climbing:

#1: They help you to synchronize body and brain. Climbers know as well as any athlete that having a strong mind is important in meeting your goals. What’s more important than a strong mind? Have a strong mind working with a strong body.

#2: They build unbreakable shoulders. But seriously, they do. I speak from experience. Strong shoulders can help prevent injury, keeping you climbing longer and off the couch!

#3: They are fun. Yeah, I might be a little biased, but let’s be honest: They’re a TON of fun. If you’re not having any fun, whats the point?! A workout that you can enjoy, that keeps you engaged you’re more likely to do!

How to Sign Up:

To sign up, email Rhi Clark directly at




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