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Introducing the Monthly Challenge @ PG Sunnyvale

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May 142015

The Monthly Challenge is new to PG Sunnyvale, brought to you by our F10 Fitness Manager Suzie Williams. She’ll be coming up with new challenges each month, with a goal to incorporate climbing-specific strengths into each of them.

She’s also introducing a new F10 Fitness class geared toward climbers,
F10 20-20-20, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm starting in June!
This new class will NOT require F10 Fundamentals or any lifting experience. Check out the class description below!

Collage 2

F10 20/20/20 is focused specifically for the climber as well as the fitness enthusiast who would like to gain more mobility and body weight strength and control. The class is broken down into 20 minute of mobility, flexibility, and balance training. The next 20 minutes is body weight strengthening, targeted to gymnastics type movements such as ring exercises, handstand progressions, palette movements, and midline accessory strength and stability. The last 20 minutes will focus on aerobic training using running, rowing, box jumps, and various other movements to train the cardiovascular system. If you are looking for a class that will help to improve your climbing and overall fitness, this is it! No fitness background required. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Collage 1



plate pinchThe Challenge:
Hold the plates as long as you can. Once you lose grip on one or both plates, record your time!

The Equipment:
Two IGX plates (not the bumper plates), one in each hand, with the appropriate weight (see below). These are located on the white smith squat/bench press rack toward the front of the fitness area.
Men: 45-lb IGX plates
Women: 35-lb IGX plates

The Rules:
– You may not use any part of the handles on the plate.
– The plate may not touch any part of your body – time is called if the plates make any contact.
– The plate must be at or below the hips.
– You must have a witness/timer any time you participate in the challenge
– You may repeat this challenge as many times as you would like.

The Fun:
– Submit your name, time, date of submission, e-mail and witness signature in the drop box.
– Top scores will be posted and updated on a leader board each week, with the final leaderboard posted on June 1st!
– A Planet Granite t-shirt of your choice will be awarded to the top male and top female plate pincher!


Learn to Climb Injury Free with the Climbing Doctor

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May 072015
Learn to Climb Injury Free with the Climbing Doctor

Jared Vagy is a doctor of physical therapy, who has specialized his career towards climbing and injury prevention. He has published numerous articles in Deadpoint and Climbing Magazine, and will be coming the Bay Area to host clinics at PG! The clinic will cover a climbing specific warm-up, different tools and workouts to strengthen antagonistic Read more…

Pushing Past a Plateau: 8 Ways to Break Through! By Erin Monahan

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May 062015
Pushing Past a Plateau: 8 Ways to Break Through! By Erin Monahan

Each climber’s journey is unique in its unfolding with the exception of one thing: plateaus. As beginner climbers we are absorbed, excited, enamored and enthralled with our new sport. We get stoked to see progression in such a short amount of time; however, climbing has a steep learning curve. At the end of last summer Read more…

Food For Thought – by Walker Emerson & Amy Verret

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Apr 292015
Food For Thought - by Walker Emerson & Amy Verret

Walker stuffs his face with a hearty sandwich after a long day on The Captain. (Photo by Mike Kerzhner) My favorite thing to do on a climbing trip is eat. Climbing comes in at a close second, of course; but most of the time, I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat next. Climbing is a calorie-demanding sport, Read more…

P:EAR Visits Planet Granite Portland

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Apr 242015
P:EAR Visits Planet Granite Portland

Project: Education, Art, Recreation. These are the tools that p:ear utilizes to help homeless youth exit homelessness everyday. p:ear, the Portland based non-profit, teamed up with Planet Granite Portland to provide a recreational activity: Climbing. As part of the PG Gives Back program, Planet Granite donated rentals, access and instruction to support p:ear’s use of the facility. Read more…

Climb Until You’re 80 Part 2 – By Caroline Bourcier

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Jun 242014
Climb Until You're 80 Part 2 - By Caroline Bourcier

 Health & Wellness @Planet Granite In Part 1 Caroline discussed shoulder health and listed out “The 4 Tests Every Climber Needs to Pass“.  Now for Part 2 she shares with us her favorite exercises and stretches to prevent shoulder injuries and imbalances. *Don’t miss Caroline’s special offer for PG Members! * Schedule your first appointment with her Read more…