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Dec 142015


CRUX OF THE WEEK – Blue V6 at PG San Francisco

This week PGSF Marketing Coordinator Reinhard, gets us his beta on the blue V6 at PGSF. With a couple heel hooks and lots of body tension, this one will give you a run for your money. Get it!
Crux of the Week

CLIMBER:  Reinhard

Dec 072015
Crux of the Week - Pink V5 @PG Belmont

  CRUX OF THE WEEK – Pink V5 @PG Belmont This week PG Belmont Front Desk Instructor Ryan, shows off the new Prow feature at PG Belmont. This pink V5 features interesting static movement, a lock off, and lots of hip movement. Get it! LOCATION: The NEW Prow at PG Belmont CLIMBER:  Ryan SETTER: Director of Setting Read more…

Nov 092015
Crux of the Week - Purple V4 @PG Portland

  CRUX OF THE WEEK – Purple V4 @PG Portland This week Retail Coordinator Kyle Hernandez shows us how the Purple V4 on the Top Out is done. This problem features an awesome Figure-4 move sure to delight any ice climbers out there! LOCATION: Top-Out Boulder CLIMBER:  Kyle SETTER: Head Coach Brian Adams

Oct 122015
Crux of the Week - Pink V3 @PG Portland

  CRUX OF THE WEEK – Pink V3 @PG Portland This week Front Desk Staffer Lizzy gives us beta on her favorite problem on the wave, the Pink V3. This reachy problem has an awesome mantle move with great holds. Have fun! LOCATION: Wave Wall CLIMBER:  Lizzy SETTER: Head Coach Brian Adams

Crux of the Week – Purple V1 from Bloc Party Sunnyvale

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Sep 282015
Crux of the Week - Purple V1 from Bloc Party Sunnyvale

  CRUX OF THE WEEK – Purple V1 from Bloc Party at Planet Granite Sunnyvale Our awesome setting team had climbers literally scratching their heads at Bloc Party! This week, some PG Members demonstrate the variations of beta for the Purple V1 from this year’s Bloc Party! LOCATION: Bouldering Slab CLIMBER:  Multiple PG Members and Staff