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Dec 182014

Golf Night collage
Thanks to all who attended Golf Night last Tuesday, December 9th at PG Belmont!

Over 40 members participated and tried their hands at climbing using as few holds as possible. Many climbers scaled our toprope walls using 2, 1, or 0 handholds, and between their arête-hugging, stemming, slab balancing, and creative use of naturals the gym felt more like an outdoor crag than an artificial wall.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to try the golf routes, there is still time!

Here are all routes from the Belmont Golf Night toprope course and their corresponding par values. Come try this new approach to gym climbing, and let us know what you think.

PG Belmont Golf Night Toprope Course

Hole 1: Rope #49/Orange/5.6      3/5/7       (advanced/intermediate/beginner pars)

Hole 2: Rope #33/Blue/5.8           5/7/9

Hole 3: Rope #73/Green/5.3        0/2/4

Hole 4: Rope #69/Pink/5.10c       1/3/5

Hole 5: Rope #66/Pink/5.7           3/5/8

Hole 6: Rope #65/Blue/5.4           1/3/5

Hole 7: Rope #32/Green/5.6        1/3/5

Hole 8: Rope #45/Pink/5.8           5/7/9

Hole 9: Rope #4/Green/5.9          5/7/9



  • Climb, staying on one route, using as few handholds as possible.



  • Each different plastic hold you touch with your hands counts as a stroke.
  • Climbers must start at the start hold and end on the finish hold. The start and finish holds do not count towards strokes.
  • Retry routes as many times as you want with no penalty, but the score you record must be from a clean attempt (no falls).
  • Climbers may not crimp bolt holes or jam cracks. Other than that all naturals are on and do not count as holds even if grabbed with the hands.

See ya next time at Golf Night!  

Dec 042014
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Nov 062014
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Nov 032014
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