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Tip of the Week – 4 Tips to Sending your Project with Ford @PG Sunnyvale

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Mar 072016

Tip of the Week – 4 Tips to Sending your Project from Planet Granite on Vimeo.

There are many different reasons why you may not be sending your project. This week, Ford breaks down 4 tips to help you crush your current project!

Tip #1 – Work your project in sections.

Is it just the dyno that’s stopping you from sending? That right hand crimp you just can’t move off of? Work on just the 1-2 moves that are giving you the most trouble. Once you’ve got those moves dialed, go for the send! Working your project from the beginning every time will waste valuable energy!

Tip #2 – Gather as much beta as possible!

As other folks in the gym, staff members, your friends, anyone! Getting a new take on your project will often reveal new beta for your body type, or a sequence you may not have thought of.

Tip#3 – Visualize

This is often called ghost climbing. Climb your project in your head, every single move, before you get off the ground. Move your hands and feet to mimic how you will climb when you send!

Tip#4 – Execute with Precision

Once you’ve worked the crux and have it dialed, are confident in your beta, and have ghost climbed it, go for it! When going for the send, try to execute as precisely as possible, exactly how you’ve imagined climbing it. This will help you stick to your beta and climb as efficiently as possible!

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BY: Ford

How to climb “”: Six Mental Tips to Climb Harder

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Jan 082016
How to climb "": Six Mental Tips to Climb Harder

This isn’t going to be another train harder, work out more, get stronger fingers-type article—because, while these articles are important and valuable, they’ve already been written.  Instead, this is what I do mentally, when I want to climb harder. Let’s face it, we all want to get better.  It’s why we love climbing.  There’s always a Read more…

Jan 052016
'Train with Me' Offers Free Sessions in January With PGSF's Best

Jackie bouldering in Yosemite, photo by Megan Joan Mack Photography It’s 2016—time to get your climbing up to peak performance, so we’ve got something special for you this January at Planet Granite San Francisco. To start the New Year off right, our most experienced climbers will bring you an awesome and absolutely free series of training Read more…

Dec 142015
Crux of the Week - Blue V6 @PGSF

  CRUX OF THE WEEK – Blue V6 at PG San Francisco This week PGSF Marketing Coordinator Reinhard, gets us his beta on the blue V6 at PGSF. With a couple heel hooks and lots of body tension, this one will give you a run for your money. Get it! LOCATION: PGSF CLIMBER:  Reinhard

Dec 072015
Crux of the Week - Pink V5 @PG Belmont

  CRUX OF THE WEEK – Pink V5 @PG Belmont This week PG Belmont Front Desk Instructor Ryan, shows off the new Prow feature at PG Belmont. This pink V5 features interesting static movement, a lock off, and lots of hip movement. Get it! LOCATION: The NEW Prow at PG Belmont CLIMBER:  Ryan SETTER: Director of Setting Read more…