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Oct 012015


headlamp climbing

Headlamp Climbing is back!
Every year at Halloween, we turn the lights out!

Friday October 30th
Lights go out at 8pm!

Bring a headlamp, wear a costume and try your skills at climbing in the dark!

Free for Members!
Wear a costume and receive 1/2 off entry!


plus Parents take note of our special kids only event!

Parents Night Off – Headlamp Climbing

Friday October 30th
$45/child; ages 6-13

Drop your child off for a fun night of climbing, games and a pizza dinner!  At 8pm, when the lights go out, we’ll take each of your kids out onto the floor so they can experience climbing at night!

How to find a climbing partner – by Amy Verret

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Sep 142015

The first question new climbers ask when they arrive at Planet Granite is how to find someone to climb with. Some people are introduced to climbing by a close friend or significant other who provides a convenient first partner. Many people who are new to the climbing gym, however, don’t have the luxury of a built-in partner. For these individuals, the realization that they need a climbing partner can be daunting. Even if you have a regular partner, it is nice to mix things up and climb with someone new once in a while. Climbing with new folks will speed up the process of learning the subtle techniques that are crucial in order to become a competent climber and belayer. What follows are a few ways to meet new potential climbing partners and hopefully make the process a lot faster and more enjoyable.


Longtime PG member, Javier, and his friends became climbing partners through a mutual love of crack climbing and sense of humor. Left to right: Javier, Christiano, Kaylena, and Guillermo.


If you are excited to try climbing but don’t have a partner yet, the bouldering wall is the perfect place to start. The routes are shorter, allowing you to concentrate on a smaller number of moves. Bouldering quickly introduces you to scores of like-minded climbers and lends itself to interacting with larger groups of people. These types of interactions often lead to climbing partnerships. If you are unsure how to approach a group of boulderers, try getting in line to start working a popular problem. Usually, other climbers are happy to share what they may have figured out about a particular problem and help you solve the puzzle.

“On a great day, climbing is an opportunity for us to be challenged and have fun, and our relationship as climbing partners I think helps to put those two pieces together,” says Josh, Planet Granite member


Curt and Andy have been fixtures at PG Sunnyvale as climbing partners for the past two years. They enjoy pushing their limits together both inside and outside the gym.


If the greater height of the rope walls is more your style, look for a group with an odd number of climbers. Ask if they would like another belayer. There is always a chance that the odd man out would be happy to get climbing sooner. It helps if you offer to belay rather than asking them to belay you. It’s all in the approach.


Javier gives climbing partner Guillermo an attentive belay right off the deck.)




















Chance opportunities to climb with new partners are more likely to turn into long-term partnerships if your belay technique is solid. Be positive and encouraging to the climber; you want your new potential partner to feel comfortable climbing with you. Watch the climber while belaying, and be conscious of the amount of slack in the rope. A good belay is the basis for a likely belay in the future.

“The goal is to feel confident when climbing with someone. If you don’t feel comfortable taking a fall or coming off the wall with your partner then they aren’t really a good partner for you,” says  Zack, Planet Granite member



PG staff members Karen and Rolando man the Singles and Swingers table on Hawaiian night. Karen is known for her creative themes each month.

Singles and Swingers: At this event, we will match you up with as many different climbing partners as possible. It’s a great way to meet and climb with partners of all levels.

“I often see climbers who have participated in the event climbing together and becoming more and more confident,” says Karen, Single and Swingers host for PG Sunnyvale

According to Karen, one of the best aspects of the event is that newer people get a chance to climb with partners of all experience levels. Look for the Singles and Swingers table at your local PG every second Thursday evening of the month.

Partner Shout-Outs: You can always stop by the front desk to ask if anybody is looking for a partner. The staff will make an announcement, and anyone else who is interested can come find you at the front desk. This strategy works best in the evening when they gym is at its busiest, but give it a try anytime.


The master’s class crew. Left to right: Isaac, Linda, Andrew, Joshua, Eric, Steve.

“We met through the Masters class! Once the class finished, many of us were inspired to keep up the momentum and kept climbing together,” says Linda, Planet Granite member

Climbing Classes: Taking one of PG’s climbing classes is a great way to meet other climbers who are eager to learn and have a similar skill level and goals. Often, the other students in the class are as motivated to find partners as you are, and you can make plans to meet up later in the week and practice the techniques you learned in class. In fact, students who climb together outside of class, tend to progress faster and benefit the most. I hope you are inspired to get out of your comfort zone and ask other climbers to team up and exchange belays. Don’t be afraid to join in on the bouldering walls and meet some new friends. You will all benefit from sharing information on belaying technique and climbing strategy. The social aspect of climbing is one of the strongest bonds you can build in today’s sports. You will find great joy in pushing each other to succeed to new heights you never thought possible.

More options:
These are just a few of our favorite ways to meet people, but we have other programs and events too!  Check out Beta Babes, our for women by women meet-up group, Bouldering League, an all levels friendly competition and any of our game nights like Trivia Night or Golf Night!

amy Amy Verret is a multi-faceted member of the Planet Granite community, doing everything from teaching classes to working behind the scenes while dreaming up her next big climbing adventure.    On the weekends, she can be found scaling the grand walls of local climbing areas such as Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows. She’s always ready to talk about long routes and gear.  Follow Amy on her adventures on Instagram!

Aug 312015


CRUX OF THE WEEK – Focus on Hips

Crux of the WeekPurple Bouldering League Problem

LOCATION: Lower Room
SETTER:  Antonio
CLIMBER:  Roxanne

Bloc Party 2015 – annual community bouldering competition

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Aug 262015

Bloc Party image

The Bloc Party Series returns!  First in the series is this Saturday at PG Sunnyvale!

Each year, we host a series of competitions in the Bay Area, ending with a fun Onsight Final showdown between the top climbers of the series.

This year, Bloc Party is debuting at PG Portland too!  PG Portland is not part of the Bay Area Series, but will be hosting their own Onsight Final – so be sure to check it out!

Comps run from 12pm-5pm, registration opens at 11am.
FREE for members and only $15 for non-members
Includes food, beer and a chance to win some rad prizes!

Saturday, August 29th – Planet Granite Sunnyvale
Saturday, September 26th – Planet Granite Belmont
Saturday, October 24th – Planet Granite San Francisco + Onsight Series Final

Saturday, September 19th – Planet Granite Portland
+ Onsight Final
*Portland Bloc Party is not part of the Bay Area Series. All PG Members are welcome, but scores at PG PDX will not count towards the PG San Francisco Finals.

For more info such as categories and rules, visit our Bloc Party website page! 

Fall Kids After School Programs

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Aug 192015


After School Programs are starting up again!  It’s the perfect environment for kids to climb, meet friends and learn new skills!  Sessions are 5 weeks each, but can be taken consecutively.

For your gym’s dates, please visit our website here!


New Abs & Core class @PG Belmont!

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Aug 112015

NEW Abs & Core Class in Belmont

Wednesday 6:15-7:00pm

Our new Abs and Core class makes two promises: It will make you sore, and it will make you stronger. Taught by Fulya Wolken, the class meets every Wednesday 6:15-7:00pm. Come prepared for high energy and hard work.

Fulya phototeaches a fast-paced class using free weights, kettlebells, and body weight exercises. She focuses on strengthening thigh, hip, stomach, and other core stabilizer muscles. Strength in these areas will make you more stable, more powerful, and less likely to get injured while climbing, doing yoga, or doing any other type of exercise. As a bonus the class is only 45 minutes long, so you can get in a full climbing session afterwards. If you aren’t too tired, that is…

Call us at the desk if you want more info about Fulya’s class, otherwise we encourage you to try it out this Wednesday and see for yourself!

PG Belmont
(650) 591-3030