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Apr 212014



This full-body workout is a rotation of 3 exercises, ideally completed within 1 hour.

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TIME: 1 hour
DIFFICULTY:  All levels
EQUIPMENT: Hangboard and mat space
FOCUS: Strength, Core, Full-body


INTRO – This should be a super-fast rotation of these 3 exercises. You want to be sweating by the end of it and power through each exercise.

It’s great to do with a partner to stay motivated and try hard.

Aim to complete 3 sets of this entire workout, all within 1 hour! 



Go to the hang-board and choose 4 holds. Your goal is to do 8 second hangs on each hand-hold.

You want to start straight armed (or with your arms slightly bent) and then pull up higher with each repetition.

On the 3rd rep you should be at 90 degrees. And on the 4th rep you’re at full lock-off.

Perform 8 second hangs on each hold and take only 8 seconds of rest in between each set.

Aim to do this at least 4 times.



Go to the mats and do 20 standard push-ups. Keep your core tight, mid back and shoulders engaged.



Your goal is to do 50 sit-ups in total, using 3 different styles.

First do 10 standard sit-ups.

Then do 10 twist sit-ups for each side.

Finish with 10 side-lying crunches for each side.

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Planet Granite Workout of the Week Logo

IMPORTANT: Climbing and climbing training, such as the exercises in the WOW, are inherently dangerous activities.  Participation in these exercises is done at your own risk.  If you have any injuries, we recommend you do not attempt a WOW.  If you have any concerns about your abilities or the exercises, consult a qualified medical practitioner or athletic trainer. Before using the fitness area, equipment, classes or any other training at Planet Granite, it is your responsibility to read and understand the posted gym rules and Safety Guidelines found here:

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