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Jan 062014


 Three static stretches to integrate into your warm-up for climbing.

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TIME: 10-15 minutes
DIFFICULTY: All levels
EQUIPMENT: Long Resistance Band 
FOCUS: Shoulder Mobility

INTRO:  Most climbers have extremely tight scapulas and shoulder stabilizers with anterior internal rotation of the upper torso (fancy huh!). This will eventually result in poor posture! *The use of power bands allows the climber to increase tension whilst conducting isolated or compound exercises and maximize full Range of Motion (ROM).  

**The following drills are a great way to warm up before a climb, conduct shoulder mobility and workout in almost any environment.**

GOAL: 2 reps per arm of 30-60 second holds

PREP: *Grab a LONG power band with an appropriate amount of resistance for your level of fitness. 

**Sling the band in a cat’s paw over the pull-up bar. (see photo)

WOW Prep



Step 1
STEP 1. Stand facing the bar and pass your elbow through the loop of the band.

Final position
STEP 2. Keep your elbow in line with your shoulder and externally rotate your hand.

STEP 3. Walk away from the bar and keep your elbow up high and close to your ear.

STEP 4. Lean forward and hold the position until the desired level of tension and stretch is reached.



STEP 1. Loop the band around your wrist.
Exercise 2
STEP 2. Walk away and pull back through your shoulder at maximum extension.

STEP 3. Facing the direction of the bar, do a semi-squat and look down.
Exercise 2

STEP 4. Now look through and underneath your arm, maintain tension and rotate




STEP 1. Loop the band around your wrist.

Exercise 3
STEP 2. Walk away and take tension on the band.

STEP 3. Set a solid foundation with your feet.

STEP 4. Continue rotating until desired level of tension and stretch is reached.
Exercise 3

STEP 5. Now drop your shoulder and look away. Hold stretch and breathe into it.



Jamie bio

FITNESS MANAGER @PG SF: Jamie started his rock adventures at 16 and pursued climbing whilst in the Australian Army Special Forces. His passion for climbing led him to Planet Granite whilst visiting the US during winter holidays each year.  Now a fellow resident, Jamie has been working toward educating mobility and flexibility as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach. For personal training, Jamie can be contacted at


Planet Granite Workout of the Week Logo

IMPORTANT: Climbing and climbing training, such as the exercises in the WOW, are inherently dangerous activities.  Participation in these exercises is done at your own risk.  If you have any injuries, we recommend you do not attempt a WOW.  If you have any concerns about your abilities or the exercises, consult a qualified medical practitioner or athletic trainer. Before using the fitness area, equipment, classes or any other training at Planet Granite, it is your responsibility to read and understand the posted gym rules and Safety Guidelines found here:

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