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Nov 252013

PG Circuit Training

Temps are looking good for those venturing outside to boulder, but for those who can’t make it out yet, don’t fret; Planet Granite San Francisco has something new and exciting to share with you!  Launching today, PG SF is pleased to start Circuit Training – a fun new way to maximize your time climbing!

What is a Circuit?

A circuit is a collection of established and linked-up climbs. The term “circuit” was first introduced to the climbing community in the 1920s in Fontainebleau, France, and was used primarily for warming up. With the advent of indoor climbing, a circuit refers to a selection of climbs.

Planet Granite Circuits.Legend

How to use Circuits.

Circuits can be used in a variety of ways. For newcomers to Planet Granite, our circuits provide an excellent sampling of our world-class setting. Circuits can work as a warm-up, a full session, or even a way to add variety to your regular routine. When done repeatedly, circuits can help you climb more efficiently.

Since we have 3 levels of Circuits, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced, climbers of all levels can enjoy a productive bouldering session, incorporating a variety of climbing styles, and work to improve all aspects of their climbing.

We will post 3 new circuits on the 1st of every month.  Since our setters are here more frequently, a circuit will be refreshed throughout the month if a wall is re-set.   Just another great reason to get on a Circuit every week!

Circuits at PG SF

Who makes the PG Circuit?

A core group of our staff will hand-pick problems for each circuit, taking into account the diverse group of climbers in our climbing community. Problems are chosen to incorporate a variety of grip types, climbing styles and crux moves, with the goal of improving your overall climbing ability.


Where to find your Circuit.

Each problem that is part of a Circuit will be labeled by a colored “C” and a number.  The color indicates the difficulty of the Circuit and the number suggests an order.  At the entrance to PG SF, there is a map showing where each Circuit problem starts.

For more information, check out our Training Tips this coming Tuesday, November 26th with Mike at PG SF!

Stay tuned – coming to a PG near you!

A HUGE thanks to the talented Ivan Cua and Kalie Patterson for their amazing design work.

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