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Mar 112013

130311 - Natural Running Clinic at PGSV
What is Natural Running?

Natural running is running with biomechanically correct form, consistent with the way you ran as a child. The concept, of course, is not new, but the problem is that most have forgotten how to run naturally or have been trained to run in ways that are at odds with the way we are built. Running  is one of the most natural things we do as human beings; however, it can look quite awkward with improper biomechanics, which can lead to a multitude of injuries. We are all built to run; we ran thousands of years ago when running was a necessity and an integral part of life. We were literally, born to run! I invite you to re-learn how to run consistent with the way you are built.

The basic principles of Natural Running:

  • Correct body alignment and posture
  • Landing with a midfoot/forefoot strike
  • Using “gravity” instead of muscle strength for propulsion
  • Developing a strong core for better balance and propulsion
  • Relaxation for total mind and body connection

Runners of ALL levels can improve their efficiency and performance while running injury-free. During the month of March, Planet Granite will be hosting three 90 minute Natural Running clinics:

Saturday, March 23th 1:00-2:30pm

Wednesday, March 27th 6:00-7:30pm

Saturday, March 30th 9:30-11:00am

Please contact Melissa Vrbanac, Certified Newton Natural Running Coach to reserve your spot today!


melissavrbanac_SVAbout Melissa Vrbanac:

I work with runners, triathletes, and cyclists of all abilities not because it is my job, but because it is my passion. It is because of this passion that all of my clients can rely on my commitment and assurance that they will receive the most professional and highest quality running/triathlon coaching each and every time I train with them. Since, the mid-1990s I have competed in numerous triathlons, running, cycling and long course swimming events in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. I also raced for the Cucina Fresca Cycling Team ending in 2011. I have remained a highly competitive age-group triathlete, and I have loved every minute of it!

I have also had the opportunity to work in the health and fitness industry for the past six years in a number of positions, such as Group Exercise Director for three AllStar Fitness Clubs: Seattle Municipal Towers Club, The Executive Club, and West Seattle Club. As well as, the Washington Athletic Club as a spin instructor, and triathlon coach.

Les Mills RPM Cycling Instructor
Le Mond M3 – Cycling Instructor
USACycling – Cycling Coach Level 3 (01/13)
Newton Natural Running Coach & Chi Running Instructor
USAT – Triathlon Coach (Level I)
AAFA – Group Exercise Instructor &   CPR/AED (01/29/1214)

  3 Responses to “Natural Running Clinics at PG Sunnyvale with Melissa Vrbanac”

  1. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend any of these workshops due to my schedule, BUT I just wanted to throw out an endorsement for chi running/natural running.

    After hooking up with a running club in Long Beach a few years back, led by two Chi Running coaches, I went from someone who detested running to someone who loves multi-hour trail runs. The increased efficiency allows me to enjoy the feeling of exploring the outdoors instead of suffering through a long run. If you haven’t tried anything like this, give it a shot! Also, maybe an unofficial PG’er trail running group could start up as follow-up to these clinics in order to reinforce the newly learned techniques?

  2. Thanks Matt for the comment! A run club would be such a great idea! We’d love to help spread the word if someone is interested in getting it going! 🙂

  3. I also love to run and climb and i enjoyed it with my Vibram. 🙂

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