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Aug 202012

Last Friday night was a rip roaring good time and PG Belmont was the place to be!


Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook Page.  Scores can be found here.


With just shy of 270 score cards turned in, PG Belmont was packed full of psyched climbers!  In honor of PG Belmont’s 10th Birthday, there were extra games and fantastic food.  Thanks to Jack’s Prime and Devil’s Canyon Brewery for serving up amazing grub.


As if a bouldering comp isn’t enough – we had games taboot!  Jumar racing (never knew it required so much coordination, eh?  Those setters make it look pretty darn easy!) and table bouldering – plus our classic, Dyno for Dollars in which all proceeds from the event were donated to the American Safe Climbing Association!



First Name Last Name Points Category Gender
Edwin Leynes 6,990 Recreational MENS
Nick Holley 13,990 Advanced MENS
Benjamin Parkin 18,500 Open MENS
Courtney Wong 4980 Recreational Female
Amanda Anderson 11380 Advanced Female
Sami Linden 15610 Open Female

Don’t forget – the top 5 scores overall will be invited to compete for cash at our Onsight Series Final at PG San Francisco!  We’ve posted the top 10 scores.  You have two more chances to get a higher score – and $150 just might be yours to take home!

Top 10 Scores from each Mens & Womens
1 Sami Linden 15610
2 Courtney Ceran 15460
3 Renee Ross 15300
4 Rebecca Vincent 15150
5 Libby Burnette 15020
6 Julia Mason 13850
7 Sophia Lampi 13580
8 Sheila Canasa 13390
9 Mildred Lee 11790
10 Lisa Ngo 11500
1 Benjamin Parkin 18,500
2 Brett Ashton 18,440
3 Ilia Taklai 18,380
4 Ed Cheung 16,990
5 Luke Stefurak 16,990
6 Wayne Jin 16,980
7 Cyril Lavier 16,960
8 Peter Lim 16,950
9 Jose Carlos Go 16,640
10 Addison Cox 16,520

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