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Aug 152011

Gymnastics Seminar

GYMNASTICS SEMINAR with Caleb, CrossFit Sunnyvale Instructor
Saturday August 27th at 4pm

Geared towards the raw beginner, this two-hour gymnastics clinic will primarily cover the foundational movements, techniques, and positions of artistic gymnastics. We aim to give attendees a better grasp of their bodies by developing their upper body strength, core control, spatial awareness, and skill/technique.  Among other things we will cover the following:

  • – Floor: hollow/arch body positions, proper handstand form & handstand workout variations
    (shrugs/push-ups/planches/presses), forward/backward roll & variations, cartwheels & variations, handstand forward rolls.
    – Bar: inverted hangs, levers, stalders, pull-up variations, leg-lift variations, kipping swings, bar muscle-ups.
    – Rings: support & variations, inverted hangs, muscle-ups, levers, crosses.
Class will be taught by Caleb Chiu & Yousef Ashufta, two gymnastic instructors from Gold Star Gymnastics in Mountain View.  Caleb is also a Level II CrossFit instructor and will provide a CrossFit bias to the class, but all materials will be applicable to yogis, climbers, & CrossFitters alike.

Members: $45
Non-Members: $50
Limit: 12 Attendees

To reserve your spot, please contact Caleb directly via email or (858) 361-5218

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