Membership Rates - PG BAY AREA

Planet Granite offers both Day Use and Membership Rates. Interested in checking us out first? Click on the location of your choice for Day Use rates.
Planet Granite Belmont Day Use Rates
Planet Granite San Francisco Day Use Rates
Planet Granite Sunnyvale Day Use Rates

Membership benefits:

  • Access to all four Planet Granite locations
  • Unlimited climbing
  • Use of fitness & weights
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • 10% discount on all purchases in the PG Gear Shop
  • Discounted rates on Planet Granite climbing classes and workshops
  • Guest pass program (see here for guest pass details)
  • Discounts with local vendors (can vary with each season; subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates)

Full Access Membership













Family of 2**




Unlike regular fitness clubs, we have no minimum time commitment for memberships – monthly members can cancel at any time.
Pre-paid Yearly memberships are non-refundable.

*Qualifications for Student Memberships:

  • Must be a Full Time student
    • Undergraduate students must be currently enrolled in a minimum of 12 units.
    • Graduate students must be currently enrolled in a minimum of 9 units.
  • Must provide proof of current, full time student status within 30 days of signup. 
  • Monthly members must submit their current, full time fall schedule every September in order to remain at the student rate.  If student proof is not received during the month of September, dues will be billed at the individual rate beginning in October.
  • Yearly student members must resubmit current, full time proof upon renewal.  If student proof is not received within 30 days of sign up or renewal, the account will automatically be switched to an Individual Membership and the difference in sign up cost will be owed at check-in.
**Qualifications for Family Memberships:
  • Married couples, domestic partnerships, parent(s) + children under 18, and non-married couples living at the same address are eligible for a family membership. Roommates do not qualify. 
  • Everyone, with the exception of married couples and domestic partners, must provide proof of address within 30 days of sign up.  Proof of same address can be submitted with one of the following documents: 
    • copies of their driver’s license showing the same address
    • copies of bills with members name received at the same address
    •  copy of a lease with both members names on it
  •  Family membership rate covers 2 family members. Third, fourth, etc. person on a family membership must be under 18 years of age and must reside at the same address. There is no additional Initiation Fee, and the additional monthly cost for 3rd, 4th person under 18 is $15 per person per month or $165 per person per year.. 

Questions about membership? Contact your local gym manager or email

There are different rates for our gyms. The gym at which you climb the most is your home gym. If visits to other Planet Granite locations exceed visits to the home gym, the member may owe a difference in dues.


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