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The Main Lead Wall! PG Setter Max testing out all the new climbs!

The route walls - we can't wait to fill them with holds!

Bouldering! Plus check out the Ramp!





Planet Granite Portland Grand Opening in Late October, Early November
Unlimited Climbing, Yoga and Fitness for just $67/month

Planet Granite, the West Coast’s leading climbing gym, today announced plans to open its newest facility in Portland, Oregon in late October, early November with a special, introductory membership rate. For a limited time only individuals will have access to 30,000 square feet of world-class climbing wall space, 2 top-notch yoga and fitness studios and custom training equipment for zero initiation cost and only $67/month or $737/year.

Here’s the full, limited-time only price list.

Membership Type Monthly Yearly


Family of 2
Additional Family Members (must be under 18)

*Members who join during this limited time only pricing lock in this special rate through December 31, 2015. Members will pay regular rates starting January 1, 2016.


Membership Type Monthly Yearly


Family of 2
Additional Family Members (must be under 18)


Day Pass

Morning Pass (available M-F before 1pm)

Student Pass (available M-F before 5pm)
Children (under 14 years)
10-Visit Pack



Planet Granite will be hosting several sneak peeks and membership drives ahead of its Grand Opening in late October or early November. Specific dates and information can be found by subscribing to their newsletter here.

For 20 years, Planet Granite's operating principle has been to provide world-class facilities that allow elite athletes to train whilst at the same time providing a place to introduce newcomers and kids to climbing.

“We believe that a connection to the community of people who share climbing is as important as the activity itself,” says Renee DeAngelis, CEO of Planet Granite. “We are thrilled to join Portland’s thriving climbing scene and excited to build on it.”

The new facility features 20,000 square feet of custom Walltopia designs for roped climbing up to 55 feet high, including 18 cracks, four of which are hydraulically adjustable. The bouldering area includes 10,000 square feet of Walltopia’s signature 3D walls and 18-foot high ball bouldering. With this new gym, Planet Granite becomes the country’s 4th largest climbing gym developer, based on total climbing wall area.

Two yoga & fitness studios in the facility will host a suite of studio-quality classes. Furthermore, a comprehensive training area, for both climbers and functional fitness enthusiasts alike, offers everything from Olympic weight lifting equipment to a variety of climbing specific tools such as an adjustable systems board and the Atomik Bombs.



Planet Granite Portland Virtual Tour from Planet Granite on Vimeo.




After a wet and cold winter, our construction team is moving fast! We've got a roof and walls! Photos are posted regularly on our Facebook page!


Construction has begun and check out these awesome shots of our Portland walls made by Walltopia!
We are thrilled with our final product. It has been months of tweaking and fine tuning, collaborating with our route setters, advanced climbers and instructors, our local crack afficionados and many others! We think our patience has been rewarded - in the form of some pretty darn amazing walls!

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March 2013:

We are thrilled to announce we will be working with Walltopia to build our Portland Gym!

Walltopia Logo

Since launching in 1996, Walltopia has become an industry leader in climbing wall building and design. Their walls can be found inside Stone Summit, Momentum, Stone Gardens, SoIll and other great facilities around the world. Their creative designs and unique products, such as 3D curves, Space Walls, and non-marking surfaces create architecturally inspiring works of art that both look and climb amazingly well.

Planet Granite Portland South Entrance View
CLICK THE IMAGE to view recent Design Renderings of the building!

"I love their walls and will be proud to put them in our Portland gym," says Planet Granite owner Micky Lloyd. "Having built our own climbing walls in the past it has been nerve wracking to contemplate having an outsider build them for us. Seeing the quality of their product and the passion Walltopia has for innovation makes me comfortable that we have made the right choice."

Over the years, Planet Granite has brought innovation to its climbing gyms, such as being the first to build a hydraulically adjustable crack and system board. Planet Granite Portland will take the best of what we've built, and combined with Walltopia's designs, be an amazing gym. We've laid out some initial wall ideas and we can't wait to see what Walltopia will dream up!

Updated Draft Plans now include Wall Details - Click to view!
Updated draft plans that include layouts of the walls! Check it out!

Between NW 14th and 15th Ave on NW Pettygrove St., we will build our largest gym: a 30,500 sq.ft.three story climbing, yoga and fitness facility.  Plans include up to 60 foot high walls, top out bouldering, two beautiful yoga studios, complete fitness & cardio area and a variety of training tools for climbers including an adjustable system board and crack, and more!  To compare, our largest gym in Sunnyvale is 28,400 sq.ft.

We look forward to being part of the already thriving Portland climbing community in concert with the other local gyms.   


Although there are still details to hash out, and changes are likely, we want to share the good news with you!  We’re still undergoing some final environmental tests and City planning review.   We will build a brand new custom built building and then fill it with climbing structures.  We hope to open in 2014.




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