Route Setting

Follow our setting schedule on Twitter! Not sure where the Alcove or Micky's Corner are? Check out our dedicated wall maps for Belmont, San Francisco and Sunnyvale!


PG Routesetters hard at work on the Sunnyvale Mega Slab

Ever wonder who puts up those awesome routes in the gym? Or who's crazy initials are on your favorite (or shake your fists at because it stumped you) climb? Check out the Route Setter Bio page for details on your favorite setter!

Planet Granite has an awesome team of route setters. They work hard to keep the routes in our gyms looking and climbing great.

Our route setters travel to each gym on different days, strip (take down the holds) a section of the wall, clean the holds, re-set new ones, and if that's not enough, then climb and grade each one. Sounds exhausting, right? Next time you're in the gym and you see one of our setters, be sure to give them the appreciative nod!

We re-set our routes and boulder problems in our gyms every 8-10 weeks so there are always fresh problems for you to try. Please give us feedback in our suggestion box. We'd love to hear from ya!

Our setters typically set at each gym on the following days:

MONDAY - San Francisco and Sunnyvale
TUESDAY - Sunnyvale
THURSDAY - San Francisco

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